Hello, I'm Dr. Stephen G. Granger.  Over 25 years ago I began my quest to stamp out artifact fraud.  Back then it wasn't that hard to identify what was good, and what was not.  Today however, the bad element of our great hobby has become inventive.  These fraud masters go straight to the source, the knapper who makes them.  They buy them cheap, take them home and begin all sorts of unimaginable things to make the point look old, so it can be passed off as real to some unsuspecting person.  I am the only person ever endorsed by Dr. Gregory H. Perino.  Greg was the very best in the typology field.  Greg never allowed personal feelings to get in the way of his work, neither do I. With 33 books written on Arrowhead Typology, you can rest easy that you are getting one of the best opinions out there.  My fee is $25 per item.  I do offer a discount of $5 per item on 10 or more items sent. There is no charge on anything not papered, but there is a $5 fee per item if requested to explain why the relic did not paper as this takes time.