Hello, I'm Dr. Stephen G. Granger.  Over 25 years ago I began my quest to stamp out artifact fraud.  Back then it wasn't that hard to identify what was good, and what was not.  Today however, the bad element of our great hobby has become inventive.  These fraud masters go straight to the source, the knapper who makes them.  They buy them cheap, take them home and begin all sorts of unimaginable things to make the point look old, so it can be passed off as real to some unsuspecting person.  I get asked all the time, what State is it safe to buy from?  My reply, "every State has that "bad element" who is more than willing to offer you a lifetime guarantee.  Why would they offer such a guarantee?  Simple, they know that only about 10%  of the would be customers out there, are going to question what they sell!  But what about that 10%, who are they going to send their relics to, to find out if they are indeed authentic?  Well sadly, most get sent to flintknappers, dealers, or some self proclaimed experts who base their expertise on the fact that they have a large collection, or the newbie who has 2-3 years behind him in the buying/collecting field.  Now, you have to ask yourself, is your investment safe with a flintknapper telling you that you made a good choice???  What about the you think you are getting an unbiased opinion from the person who you are buying from???  I went to the 8-major shows in this Country for over 17years straight.  It always amazed me at the politics involved in just getting tables!  "Do we give this guy a table~you know he killed flintknapper authenticators points!"  This sounds silly, but it's the truth!  Do yourself a favor with your next purchase, send it to the one person who can tell you if it's good or not----ME!  I am the only person ever endorsed by Dr. Gregory H. Perino.  Greg was the very best in the typology field.  Greg never allowed personal feelings to get in the way of his work, neither do I.  In a World of turmoil and chaos, put your mind at ease by sending your artifacts to the very best in the field, send your artifacts to me.  My fee is $25 per item whether it is good or bad.....takes the same amount of time to determine one way or the other.  I do offer discounts on multiple items, and I love to trade for paperwork.